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Box 30/40cm 2L pot

Buxus sempervirens

Box 30/40cm 2L pot
(Buxus sempervirens) Box 30/40cm 2L potBox Hedge (Buxus sempervirens) Full Hedge Little Moreton HallBox Hedge (Buxus sempervirens) FoliageBox Hedge (Buxus sempervirens) Low Maze HedgingBox Hedge (Buxus sempervirens) Flower BorderBox Hedge (Buxus sempervirens) Full Hedge Wall

Box 30/40cm 2L pot

Buxus sempervirens

Price: 7.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Was 12.99
Box hedging or Buxus sempervirens as its also referred to as, is the ideal species for formal, low hedges or borders, as well as being a classic topiary plant.Click here for more information.More Information
  • 12 Month Plant Guarantee
  • Slow Growth Rate
  • Yellow Flowers
  • Evergreen
  • Grows to 5m
  • Planting Conditions: Suitable for normal, clay and chalk soils, planted in full sun to full shade and inland, coastal or exposed sites
  • Growth Rate: Slow growing, expect up to 10cm per year
  • Height: Easily maintained at 0.5-1.5m
  • Bare root plants are shown as a single bare root and a bundle for comparison. Please note if ordering 1 x bare root, this will be a single plant not a bundle unless shown as a multibuy item.
  • 12 Month Guarantee On All Plants - Buy With Confidence
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Product Details
Product Details

Buxus sempervirens Hedge Plant Description

There are numerous benefits and reasons why gardeners choose to buy Box hedging. This species of plant is native, shade tolerant and suitable for most soil types and sites other than wet or windy. Box hedging is a versatile, classic hedge that is favoured by gardeners for its dense and leafy appearance. Buxus sempervirens is slow-growing hedge plant, but extremely manageable in terms of upkeep and it can be easily trimmed and maintained to keep the desired shape. People also prefer to buy box hedging because it provides a stunning, green privacy screen if grown to height. Green privacy screens are becoming popular in gardens. Speak to Hedges Direct today for more information.

With box hedging being so versatile and embracing a magnificent appearance, this species has a universal appeal in both urban and large formal garden situations. It's a fantastic shrub for creating hedge borders, partitions, green walling (mazes and pathways) and beautiful and intricate parterre knotwork gardens. Buxus sempervirens is one of our favourite species of hedging, as it has a multitude of possible combinations for shape, height and use, which is why it's consistently one of our top ten selling species of hedge plant.

Buxus sempervirens has dense, small, round, dark evergreen leaves with an average growth rate of approx 10-15cm per annum. When you buy box hedging, it should be trimmed in late spring with hand garden shears, keeping the blade of the shears parallel to the hedge surface. For alternative low growing hedges, view our incredible selection of low growing hedging plants for more options and inspiration.

Box Topiary

Gardeners also buy box hedging, as it's the main form of hedge plant used for Topiary due to its specific characteristics and the shapes which can be created are limited only by the imagination. However there are timeless Topiary classics, such as Topiary Balls, Topiary Cubes and Topiary Spirals. You can view our full range of Topiary shapes on our website.

With various sizes of box hedging plants for sale we're certain you'll find exactly what you're looking for in the root type, sizes and prices adjacent, or view our vast range of evergreen hedge plants for year round interest.

Box Hedging Problems?

Although incredibly popular, Box doesn't come without its (un)fair share of problems. We'd encourage you though not to panic; many of these Buxus sempervirens diseases are rarely disastrous. For more information, please speak to one of our experts today.

Should I Be Worried About Box Hedge Blight?

Box blight is a fungal disease suffered by Box. If you've had issues with box blight before then we recommend considering an alternative species, because the disease live on in the soil for up to 6 years. The majority of our customers have successfully planted and maintained their Box hedging without so much as a hint of Box blight, and we're confident that with the right guidance, you can do the same.

Firstly consider non-chemical preventative control. Clip slightly less regularly to prevent your hedge from becoming extremely dense (causing humidity) and always remove any plants immediately that appear to be affected. Water your plants at the roots, rather than from above, to avoid creating a damp environment. If you do find that your Box hedge has become susceptible to blight then a fungicidal spray can be administered to bring it back to good health.

Please don't let Box blight put you off from buying Box hedging. For more information about Box blight and alternatives to Buxus sempervirens, click here.

What About Box Rust?

Box Rust is a very mild condition where some foliage can be affected by a rust coloured blister. However, there is no long-term damage associated with Box rust; treatment consists of simply trimming the affected foliage away.

Still Worried About Box Hedge Problems?

We are often asked which hedge plants make a good alternative to Box hedging. Ilex Crenata or Euonymus Jean Hugues are good alternatives for hedging at about 30cm to 80cm in height, or for slightly taller Box alternatives, Yew or Lonicera Nitida are often used (though the latter needs more trimming). Despite Buxus sempervirens problems, this species remains endearingly popular as a low hedging option and rightly so.

Further Information
Further Information

How to grow Buxus?

Box hedging spacing
Planting distances are very much a matter of choice - for bare roots, 3 plants per metre is adequate, 5 is good, 7 in a double staggered row will give a dense hedge quicker. Generally, smaller plants should be planted at higher density. Cell grown should be planted at 4 per metre in a single row or 6 per metre in a staggered row but particularly with this species you could consider planting more densely. Planting density for pot grown and root ball box hedging plants is as shown but you can vary this depending on your budget and how long you’re willing to wait to see the finished product.

Buxus sempervirens growth rate
Often considered a very slow grower, we deem Box plants to be slow to medium in their growth rate, achieving 10-15cm per annum.

Cell grown, pot grown and instant box hedging plants are available to buy all year round. Bare roots are only available from november to late April/early May. Box is an unusual species in that it's absolutely fine to buy root balls all year round.

For more information on planting distances please see our planting density advice section.

Pruning Advice
Pruning Advice

Buxus sempervirens care instructions

Box hedging maintenance -
A trim once or twice a year and a mulch or well-rotted organic matter will keep your Box plants in tip-top condition. We always recommend planting with Rootgrow and Seaweed Fertiliser is a key ingredient in Buxus sempervirens care, making a fantastic feed for the spring.

When to prune Box hedge

New, young Box plants can be cut back buy up to a third in their first year to help encourage bushy new growth. If your plants are already really bushy then your Box hedge can be pruned once or twice a year between May and August."

Delivery & Returns
Delivery & Returns

Free delivery is available on most orders (except Premium Products) providing they meet the minimum spend criteria for the size of box or pallet. Pallet deliveries and large box deliveries for tall plants are indicated by icons on the product table listings. Delivery costs and minimum order details for each packaging type are as follows:

Packaging TypeStandard Delivery ChargeMinimum Order Values (incl VAT) for FREE Delivery
All Boxes (Bare roots and pots up to and incl. 7.5L)7.99 delivery charge (orders up to 60incl VAT) Orders of 60 and over - FREE
Pallets (Root balls, large pots (10L+), trees etc)60.00 delivery charge (orders up to 350 incl VAT)Orders of 350 and over - FREE
Pleached Trees (Specialist Delivery)450.00 delivery charge (orders up to 1500 incl VAT)Orders of 1500 and over - FREE

There are some exceptions to the standard delivery pricing structure, which relate to deliveries to more remote areas, overseas, or extremely tall or large plants requiring specialist delivery - for more information see the Delivery Information Page. (Please note that due to new Brexit rules, we are currently unable to export to both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.).

Delivery Time - Please note that delivery times are currently 2-7 days excluding bank holidays. *Some troughs, trees and premium products may take up to 14 days delivery. We are working through existing orders as quickly as possible to deliver new orders within this timescale.

It's Convenient - no need to wait in all day to sign, we don't need a signature (the odd, larger order may require a signature but will be delivered at a mutually agreeable time).

It's Tried & Tested - we use only couriers who have shown consistency in their efficiency & care.

* Please note that delivery costs are based on the final order amount in your cart after any discounts have been applied.

Hedges Direct 12 Month Plant Guarantee

Our plants are guaranteed for 12 months after delivery subject to specific criteria. Visit our Hedges Direct Plant Guarantee Page for full details.

Nominated Day Delivery

Choose a delivery day that suits you with our new Nominated Day Delivery option at checkout. Whilst our standard no signature delivery means you don't need to take time away from other committments to receive your order, we understand that there are times our customers want to make sure they are present to accept delivery, either to plant straight away or to store somewhere safe and out of the way until you're ready to plant.

For an additional fee, you can make sure that your order arrives on the exact day you want it. Please note that this is additional charge to all qualifying orders, including those above the free delivery threshold for Standard Delivery.

Our Nominated Day Delivery is available year-round on the weekdays Tuesdays to Fridays, excluding the day after any bank holiday.

Some products are sent direct from our suppliers and as such are not available for Nominated Day Delivery. These include:

- Cell Grown Hedging Plants
- Instant Trough Grown Hedging Plants
- Instant Hedging Screens
- Premium Root Balls (250cm and above in height)
- Turf

To book your Nominated Day Delivery for farther ahead than the delivery window available online, please contact our Sales & Advice team to discuss your options.

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